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At Forecasa™ our goal is to enable our partners to make more informed decisions, faster and smarter.

A team of specialists, passionate about new technologies & on a mission to create visibility within the residential private real estate lending market

The residential private real estate lending market is highly fragmented. Knowing who the players are and creating detailed analysis with publicly reported data in its raw state is virtually impossible. That’s where we come in with our expertise of taking disparate data sets and cleaning, normalizing, and associating it to form actionable analytics. 

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Forecasa™ Intelligence includes

Weekly email that summarizes the activities within a selected geographic area

Monthly PDF report that identifies the Top 25 Private Lenders, highlighting any new entrants, and provides quarter-over-quarter updates to market share and proprietary Lender Loyalty metrics

Rank private lenders in specific geographic areas and analyze market share movements relative to your peers

Discover who is buying private loans in each market, their market share, and their associated volumes broken down by the originators selling to them.

Search by private loan buyers or sellers and explore their relationships and associated transaction details

Forecasa™ Analytics includes

  • Quickly view a summary of key metrics and activities specific for each Private Lenders and RE Investors company types.
  • Transactions by Quarter, Transactions by Geo, Top Markets rankings, Top Loan Buyers, Last Lenders Used, etc.

Coming Soon: Capital Partner profiles

  • Transaction level details from County reported land records, including Deed, Mortgage, Release, Assignment, Lis Pendens, etc.
  • Normalized party names make analysis more efficient
  • Evaluate current private lending activity levels by market
  • Understand which markets are experiencing private lending defaults/loan modifications
  • Key metrics to track your customers’ transaction activity to see if they are Loyal, Not-Loyal, or Lost
  • Custom notifications to alert you of newly report transactions
  • Identify where you’re losing deals, and where you’re winning deals to develop retention incentives
  • Quickly validate a potential borrower’s experience with access to Transaction level details
  • Help identify risk associated to any unsuccessful projects or Lis Pendens filed by other lenders
  • Calculate credit exposure through analysis of open mortgages vs. satisfied mortgages
  • Reduce time and resources spent searching through multiple public records websites

Integrate Forecasa™ data with your own internal systems or CRM to maximize ROI 

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